Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rick Sullivan and the GORE GAZETTE

Without question, Rick Sullivan's GORE GAZETTE was one of the greatest grindhouse-film 'zines of all time. Throughout the '80s and early-'90s -- back when Times Square was still a beloved cesspool -- Rich cranked out 110 issues of his hilarious newsletter. I was one of its many fans, and if not for Rick Sullivan, there might never have been a SLIMETIME or SHOCK CINEMA.

Sure, I was writing film reviews long before I picked up an issue of the GORE GAZETTE -- during my college days I was Film Coordinator for Syracuse University's University Union Cinemas, and wound up writing hundreds of reviews for films that were being shown on campus -- but it wasn't until I read several issues of the amazing GORE GAZETTE that I decided to try out this self-publishing nonsense for myself (and just like Rick, I printed it at work, using office copy machines and supplies). Alas, Rick closed up shop after his 110th issue, but I still hear from the guy on occasion (often with a photo-Xmas card of him and his family) and he seems to be doing quite well.

Shifting to the present day, Mike Decker at Just for the Hell of It has recently devoted a lengthy section of his website to the GORE GAZETTE. We get 10 pages of classic Rick Sullivan opinions and rants, along with loads of nostalgic scans -- including Rick's premiere issue, numerous G.G. covers, plus several flyers for his riotous Gore Gazette Film Series.

Click on the image below -- the cover of G.G. #108 (the issue contained a hilarious editorial that ripped into FILM THREAT-pinhead Chris Gore for incorrectly saying that the GORE GAZETTE was run by li'l ol' me, hence its "Steve Puchalski takes over the G.G.?" headline) -- and the link will take you directly to The Best (& Worst) of the GORE GAZETTE.


beedubelhue said...

Long live Shock Cinema,one of my favorite 'zines for longer than I'd care to mention,being so sensitive about my age and all.GG was always right up there too.I still have a linen closet full of 'em I break out for prolonged porcelain squats now and again.Good to see you on Blogger,I'll link to you over on my sorry excuse for a page...


Mike Clelland! said...

I was a new york city film nerd during the long ago 1980s. And Yes - I have a huge load of these in my files. They are a beautiful achievment.

What is Rick DOing these days?

Unknown said...

Sadly, Rick Sullivan passed away in 2012

Unknown said...

2017* my error